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  1. We reserve the right to replace or repair any part before a refund is made. All parts are used and have a 60 days warranty from the original date of delivery under normal driving conditions. No reimbursement for labor under any circumstances.
  2. There’s a 25% restocking fee on all returns plus freight charges on both ways for the orders returned or refused under any circumstances.
  3. If the engine or transmission is damaged at the time of delivery, any damages must be listed on the Bill of Lading or delivery receipt that the freight company has. There are absolutely no refunds if damages are not listed on the Bill of Lading or delivery receipt.
  4. Turbo or Supercharge engine does not mean the engine is coming with TURBO or SUPERCHARGE. These parts are always sold separately.
  5. If you need to return a core, please return it within 20 days from the original date of delivery. The core charge will not be refunded after 20 days from the delivery date.
  6. Disassembling the engine, transmission or any item for any reason will void the warranty. If you received a unit with defects or broken parts, you have 15 days from the original date of delivery to set up shipping and return the unit. Otherwise, the warranty is voided and you don’t get refunded.
  7. Engines are guaranteed against rod knock, cracked block, and excessive smoking for a period of 60 days from the date of delivery. All we are charging for, is the block assembly with heads and we leave other parts attached for your convenience and to make installation easier. These accessory parts are not warranted. Long blocks are sold with the understanding that any headwork is the responsibility of the customer. There may be certain changes needed when installing an engine. The warranty also excludes broken or blown blocks after installing them.
  8. Miles are not certified on any used parts.
  9. If the purchase of an Engine or Transmission is being done by a credit card, by signing this agreement, the customer understands that their signature on this agreement is binding and it forfeits any rights to dispute the charge.
  10. Transmissions are guaranteed to work properly at the time of purchase. Shearing or breaking of teeth in standard transmissions is not warranted under any circumstances. The customer must replace all seals and fluids. The warranty does not cover any seals. Transmissions that are taken apart by a customer or representative will have no warranty and no return. The customer must use their own transmission pan.
  11. All claims and returned goods must be accompanied by a customer invoice and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  12. It is the customer’s responsibility to know and order the exact part needed before a purchase is made. Return is not accepted if the customer purchased the wrong part or the customer no longer needed the part.

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